All about the Fultons

There are 7 of us Fulton's living under ONE roof & 4 who happen to share 1 room so as you can imagine things here can get CRAZY at times! Here's the countdown of the 7 Fulton's...

Fulton #1, Michael aka "Hazel", "the hubby", "Dadster", "BIG Daddy", the list goes on & on... He is our patriarch & the glue that keeps us all together. He works in management, LOVES to hunt and does more than he share of housework. He is a wonderful hubby, AWESOME dad & my best friend!

Fulton #2, ME aka Cathy. "Honey", "Mommy", "Mama", & I'm sure others I do not know about! LOL! Look under Who am I? for further info all about ME! [=

Fulton #3, D aka Dustyn. He is thee BIG brother whom his sibling ADORE! I do not know of another boy with a bigger fan club! D is starting highschool! OOH! He is growing like a weed! Loves to play computer games & of course the infamous XBOX. Hopefully his talents will rub off on his studies & he'll get a scholarship for college! We can hope! Overall he is a great kid with a ton of smarts about him!

Now on to the quads. What can I say where you will not think I am unbiased? LOL!

Fulton #4, Camryn, aka "Baby A" & is the "oldest" by 1 minute! She is by far the BIGGEST Mama's girl! She LOVES LOVES LOVES her mama. Whenever we go ANYWHERE she has to sit next to me! She is very smart, has a great memory & loves to help take care of her "little" brother & sisters. Sadly she really does feel that she is older than the rest! [=

Fulton #5, Brendan, aka "Baby B", he is my little man. He was given the nickname "Buddy" by his biggest fan who happens to be his sister Lindsey. He is definitely her buddy! He is by far our best speaker & also most sensitive. He definitely could gain a few pounds seeing he is also the leanest. By looking at him you would think he never eats however all he does is eat! He can have a temper & has been known to use it.

Fulton #6, Oh what can I say about Miss Avery?! aka "Baby C". She is quite the little pistol. She is by far a "Daddy's little girl". When he is home she is on his hip! She is the strongest child & that's including Dustyn! LOL! She is VERY independent & tries new things rather easily. In fact she was our first to swim by herself! She can tackle an task but only when SHE wants to!

Fulton #7, Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey... aka "Baby D". She is our baby & plays that card VERY well! She is the most affectionate child. Always wants to cuddle. If Camryn is my biggest fan then Lindsey is right behind her. It seems that I always have her next to me too! She has thee best smile & giggle. I think she will grow up to be some sort of comedian with the attitude she carries with her. She is ALWAYS happy!

That's it! There are no pets at least not on the inside! Not that we have not had our fair share of them! Over the years we have had a dog, plenty of fish, several snakes, a few lizards, three iguanas, about twenty spiders & even one dragon! Yes we had a dragon! Life is busy enough here without adding another creature to the mix! I think we will admire the WILDlife outside our home before we start adding to it inside! LOL!