I need to put this disclaimer out there for anyone willing to participate in any sort of product review done by me as of July 30,2010. First off I write EACH & EVERY post on this site and every opinion is mine & MINE alone. Now I am all up for testing out new products, trying out new restaurants, seeing a new play or movie but in order for me to give my opinion I need one item for me to evaluate & keep and one for one lucky reader. Remember my opinions cannot be bought, I tell it like it is. If you have a good product then you should have nothing to worry about! So if you want me to do a review for your product then my compensation needs to be the item and/or money for what I am evaluating. In order for things to be fair TWO items/products are required, one for me & one as the giveaway. Remember the saying... All's fair in love & war! [=