Friday, January 21, 2011

burning a hole in my wallet!...

SEVERAL weeks ago, OK, almost TWO months ago, I was given a gift card to one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods in the hope I would blog about what I purchased. I have to say that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that place! They sell pretty much anything under the sun & have one of the BEST home decor dept's around! Gotta love that right?! Now this gift card was not for much but I knew that I could put it towards something really special that I would eventually have for years to come. Since I wanted to spend wisely I "window shopped" at SEVERAL of their stores in the search for that one or maybe two items I just had to have! Trust me this was no easy feat! As we maneuvered through the store I found SO many things to buy! So instead of hastily buying something I took pictures of things that "spoke" to me as we came upon them. Take a look at some of the MANY things that struck my fancy!

Should I get a new lamp for our bedroom?

Or a COOL mirror for the hall?

Maybe a new desk for our kitchen?

Or better yet a chair for that new desk?

How about some frames for all of our pictures?

Or maybe I should just listen to Linz & buy her this GIGANTIC Panda?

The options were endless & unfortunately in the end I left empty handed! =[ I just could not find that one thing I just had to have! I'm sure there will be even more trips to many more HomeGoods before I end up with my perfect item. For now all I can say is that this gift card is really...

burning a hole in my wallet!...

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