Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B. Hellophone!...

One of our munchkins, Avery, just LOVES talking on the phone! Yes, Avery does not leave home without her purse or better yet her phone! She will bounce a baby on her hip, have a purse on her arm & a phone to her ear practically EVERY day! So when her pink Dollar Store Barbie cell phone broke I knew we would be in some trouble! That night I made Daddy take us all to Target to look for a new one!

Aave just before her $ Store phone broke!
It really is amazing the types of "play phones" they make for children these days. I really wanted to get her a pink one since that's her FAVORITE color but I had a feeling that was not to be! After checking each one out we she settled on the "B. Hellophone" by JustB-byou.com. I had never heard of this company before that night but after seeing what it can do I just had to tell EVERYONE about it! First off it is packaged in a box that is not only recycable but serves another purpose, gift wrap! No need to wrap it up it wraps itself! Just flip the cover around & presto you're gift is ready to give away!
Photo courtesy of Amazon

It lists that it is age appropriate for 18 months-5 years. The tribe will be four soon so it was perfect! It also advertises that it's the play cell phone that calls you back. Well I had to hear that for myself because Aave constantly tells us "Oh my phone's ringing, someone's calling me!". LOL! Well this phone does it!! It will ring two times & if they don't pick it up it will stop. So you don't have to worry about another LOUD toy! What's even cuter is that parents can record a personalized message for the child to discover, it also plays three pre-recorded messages PLUS some music! Now it does NOT come in solid pink like she wanted but the features made up for that. I took what colors they did have & let Aave choose. She ended up choosing an orange one. This phone is SO darn cute! Seriously this child has NOT put the phone down since we got it for her! She even took it to bed! So if you are looking for a cute, sturdy & functional play kid phone you really need to check out the...

B. Hellophone!...

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